Organic Paws

Nothing better than certified organic.

All protein packs includes meat, organs, ground bone, kelp and many more awesome ingredients!

Eat well. live well.

Meals available in:

2.25kg (750g x 3): Chicken, Lamb, Fish & Chicken, Beef and Roo

500g (100g meatball Mini Meals): Chicken & Turkey and Chicken & Roo

Treats available in:

500g Green Tripe, a natural probiotic for dogs and cats. They also find it delicious!

1kg Roo Tails, individually frozen great lean chew for your dog. Perfect for dental hygiene.

Organic Bone Broth 1L:

18 hour slow cooked thick gelatinous broth made with certified organic beef bones and non-fluoridated water, simple and perfect for maintaining excellent pet health.  Broth is an excellent source of gut healing nourishment for both cats and dogs that both species absolutely LOVE !.

Bone broth can be used as a delicious topper on all food and especially great for finicky eaters.  It can also be replaced as a full meal instead of food for 24-48 hours for pets recovering from illness or transitioning to a raw food diet.

Including bone broth as a regular addition to your pet’s diet is a natural yet revolutionary approach to maintaining optimum animal wellness.


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Benefits for your furry friend being on an Organic raw feed:

  • Naturally rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Safe food, free from harmful synthetic toxins
  • Develop a stronger and healthier immune system
  • Greater resistance to disease
  • More energy
  • Softer coat with more luster, no more doggy smell
  • Healthier skin, nails, ears, teeth and gums
  • Fresher breath
  • Reduced stool volume
  • Instinctively tastes better and more satisfying