BM Animals


Our ever popular Kangaroo Mince, Turkey Mince and Turkey Necks are supplied by the wonderful people at BM.

The ingredients and treats are 100% Australian product sourced fresh from the farm wherever possible. We are so fortunate to live in this amazing country where it is so easy to source clean fresh produce, so important for our health and that of our pets!

So what is important to us –

  • Australian product that helps to support Aussie jobs and Aussie farmers
  • Product that is free of preservatives, antibiotics and chemical residues that can sometimes be the cause of allergic reactions such as skin issues in sensitive pets
  • We believe that everything that we feed our pets should be good for them BUT at the same time it must  also TASTE GREAT
  • And we believe that when you purchase product you want to feel confident that you are paying for a quality product NOT fancy packaging and clever marketing! For this reason you will find our products are packaged simply with clear concise labels.