How to Measure

Our sizing chart is located below for each related product. Please carefully measure your four-legged friend prior to your purchase.

Please follow the instructions below to measure:


Attempt to measure the widest part of your pets chest. Best to start measuring just behind the points if the elbows.

Using a measuring tape, hold one end on your pets spine, just behind their shoulders ending at the bottom of the widest point of their ribcage. Wrap the tape underneath the rib cage and back over the opposite side of the body to join the tape where you started. Ensure the tape is snug and comfortable, but not tight against the skin.


To measure between the base of the neck, please begin at the tail.

Place the measuring tape at the base of the neck, where it joins the shoulders, ending at the spine where it reaches the base of the tail.


Measure from where your pets collar would normally rest all the way around.